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Nadine Ethner was born 1975 in Germany and studied at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle/ Saale (1994–2000) and with an Erasmus scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy.

After her art degree (M.A.) she went to Rome for 7 years (2000–2007). Since 2007 she is living and working in Berlin. Numerous exhibitions took place in different countries of Europe. Her artistic language has been strongly influenced by travelling throughout Europe, India, Japan, North Africa and Turkey and to reflect on her skills and broaden her perspective, she has taken project courses e.g. with Hans-Christian Schink. With other international artists and photographers she is collaborating on various interactive projects.

Exhibitions/ Events/ Cooperations (Selection)

. Founding of "VTph – Visual Thoughts about contemporary fine art photography", Berlin,

. 5 JAHRE / 5 YEARS exp12/ exposure twelve, Gallery and project room for contemporary photography, Berlin, group show
. Cooperation with Pavlov's Dog, Gallery for contemporary photography, Berlin

. Art Auction at Kunst & Literaturforum Amalienpark Berlin, group show, extract from “The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)”, works among others Walter Herzog, Norbert Schwontkowski ...
. "The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)", extracts from the series The Baltic Sea Project (Part I) at Moxie Studios Dublin, Ireland
. "The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)", solo show, photography/ generative art (Music: Arystan Petzold/ Sound: Michele Salvaneschi) at lasituazione Rome
[Text: Stephan Reisner] [Poster]

. "Blickwechsel – Neue Sicht auf Gewohntes", group show, Motorenhalle Dresden, Projektzentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Dresden
. "Vendredi Treize", group show, exp12/ exposure twelve Berlin [Article]

. . "SEÑALES ROJAS 2010" l' arte contro la proliferazione della barbarie, groupshow, projected by IILA [Istituto Italo-Latino Americano] and curated by Patricia Rivadeneira in collaboration with Fondazione VOLUME! and Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome [Text] [Map]
. "festival romapoesia 2010 poEtiche / Corpo poEtico", group show in collaboration with Casa Internazionale delle Donne and Lavatoio Contumaciale Rome
. 4th European Month of Photography Berlin, group show at exp12/ exposure twelve, Berlin [Text: Nadine Koch] [Article] [Brochure]
. "An Inner Song – 12 Portraits", solo show at exp12/ exposure twelve, Berlin [Choir: Samia Guemei; Essay: Guido Siebert] [Article] [Brochure]
. "Twelve Exposures", group show at exp12/ exposure twelve, Berlin [Text: Thomas Martin] [Brochure]

. Co-Founder of exp12/ exposure twelve, Gallery and project room for contemporary photography in Berlin
. "Dislocazioni" – The changing face of the mediterranean: Migrant Woman’s Creativity & Constraints, group show at La Magnolia, curated by Maria Palazzesi, Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome in collaboration with The Loyola University Chicago [Text]

. "Transeuropaexpress 2008" – Europa Femminile Plurale, group show, curated by Casa delle Letterature, Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali, Fondazione Antonio Ratti di Como, Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione Europea, Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Rome. [Text] [Brochure]
. Donne. Mosaici da Fare/ Forme d'arte contemporanea, group show, Scuderie Estensi in Tivoli

. "Land – Waking the Inside", solo show at La Magnolia, Casa Internazionale delle Donne Rome [Text: Cristiana Raffa, Albertina Archibugi] [Brochure]

. "Acqua Femmina", group show at Brancaleone Rome in the context of FestArte Rome [Text: Laura Turco Liveri] [Article]
. "Tree Island", solo show at Gallery eidos-arte, Bassano Romano [Text: Tiziana Musi]
. "Dialoghi – senza parole", group show, Porta Blu Gallery, Rome

. "Fuori", group show at Marguttarcade, Rome [Text: Tiziana Musi]
. "Spacenight", solo show, photography and sound with lasituazione [Sound design: Michele Salvaneschi], Rome
. "Urban Calligraphy", solo show at La Porta Blu Gallery, Rome [Sound design: Michele Salvaneschi][Text: Tiziana Musi]

. "Riparte", Art Fair Rome, Gallery 9 Via della Vetrina Contemporanea/ Elisabetta Giovagnoni, Rome

. "Confini, barriere o panna montata", group show and festival, works among others Matteo Garrone, Max Gazzè... at Castello di San Giorgio, Maccarese/Fiumicino [Text]

. "Installazione", solo show at Gallery Dino Del Vecchio – Arte Contemporanea, Monopoli
. "Notte di S. Giovanni", Outdoor Installation, Ostuni
. "Wiederkehr – Il ritorno", group show, Y.I.A. Young International Artists at RialtoSantambrogio, Rome [Music: Philipp von Strauch]

. Diplom Show "MomentModeMonument" at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Halle/ Saale
[Prof. Dr. Hanne Bergius, Prof. Axel Müller-Schöll, Prof. Thomas Greis/ Prof. Joachim Schielicke] [Music: Petros Michalas und Exxon yazz]

. "Quasi Moda Show" Performance and Show at Ludwig Forum – House for contemporary art, Aachen

Prizes/ Bursaries

2013 "PhotoIreland Portfolio Prize 2013", Shortlisted, Dublin, Ireland [Jury, among others: Krzysztof Candrowicz, Joerg M. Colberg, Katja Stuke]
2000 Award recognition by Olympus, Germany [Jury, among others: F.C. Gundlach]
1998/99 Erasmus scholarship at the Accademy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy

Curatorial Projects

. 2009–2012 different exhibitions at exp12/ exposure twelve, Gallery and project room for contemporary photography in Berlin
. 2000–2006 different exhibitions at La Porta Blu Gallery, Rome

Talks and Lectures

. 2013 Gespräche über Fotografie, Kunst- und Literaturforum Amalienpark, Berlin
. 2010 An Inner Song . 12 Portraits, Artist Talk at exp12/ exposure twelve, Gallery and project room for contemporary photography, Berlin
. 2009 Do it yourself Bauhaus by Christine Hill, in the context of Modell Bauhaus at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin
. 2008 Man Ray—unconcerned but not indifferent, Kulturprojekte FührungsNetz, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin
. 2000–2006 Photographic Workshops at La Porta Blu, Associazione Culturale Onlus Arte Contemporanea, Rome
. 2004 Workshop Kunst und Chemie—Alchemie with students of Dr. nat. Tobias Rüffer at TU Chemnitz, Department of Chemistry


Kulturprojekte Berlin / La Porta Blu Associazione Culturale ONLUS Rome / exp12 . exposure twelve Berlin / Pavlov's Dog Berlin / Applied Auxetics Dortmund / TU Dortmund Prof. Dr. (Ph.D.) Hans Obrecht, Dipl.-Ing. Ulf Reinicke, Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Walkowiak / TU Chemnitz Dr. nat. Tobias Rüffer & Dalton Transactions—Royal Society of Chemistry / Dr. Burghard Claus – Homage to Annemarie Tröger / Baldo Diodato / Samia Guemei / Christine Hill / Meng Huang / Inge Krupp / Irene Kung / Michele Lostia / Tiziana Musi / José Saramago & Fabrizio Pagella / Arystan Petzold / Michele Salvaneschi / Philipp von Strauch / Renzo Zecchini

Publications/ Press/ Recommendations (Selection)

. mare | Die Zeitschrift der Meere 8/2013 "The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)" [GER]
. Pensieri di Cartapesta | Per una critica militante 6/2013 "The Baltic Sea Project (Part I)" [IT]
. Brennpunkt 1/2012 "Vendredi Treize" [GER]
. Monopol Magazin 1/2012 "Vendredi Treize" [GER]
. Prenzlauer Berg Nachrichten "Schöne Kaputtheit" 1/2012 [GER]
. As Artes Entre As Letras 12/2011 [PT]
. Señales Rojas 2010, Fondazione Volume! Rome, Catalogue [IT]
. 4th European Month of Photography Berlin 2010, Catalogue [GER]
. Brennpunkt 3/2010 "retake" [GER]
. Brennpunkt 2/2010 "An Inner Song" [GER]
. Monopol Magazin 8/2010 "An Inner Song" [GER]
. Daltons Transactions - The international journal for chemistry 2008 [UK]
. Corriere Laziale 3/2006 "Tree Island" [IT]
. Living Today 2006, "Acqua Femmina" [IT]
. Quasi Moda Show 1997, Catalogue [GER]

Traveling throughout Europe and
. Japan [Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo]
. India [Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi]
. Turkey [Istanbul]
. Tunisia & Morocco

Works in Private Collections: in Germany, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland

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